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31 December 2009 @ 06:54 pm
You don't have to read in them in any particular order, there isn't any references in one of them to the other, but they're still the same theme, so...

Cherry Soda and Bitter Coffee by hereticpop 
Aoi & Ruki. I think this might be some of the most original and creative stuff I ever read, and you'll have to find out the rest yourself. I know some of you don't read fanfiction. But really, Cherry Soda? If you have never read anything before, not matter if you want to read or not, this is where you should start. No really pairings there, either.
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31 December 2009 @ 06:05 pm
A Minor Incident by [info]rhythmslip 
Reita & Ruki, ten brilliant chapters.

Okay, you know my first impression of this? Shit. Reita was just creepy in a subtle way Reita should't be creepy, and Ruki was a downright asshole.

But he was a funny downright asshole, so I kept reading.

And damn it got good. I read all chapters in a row, and then went back to read the best parts (for example, Rukis drunk rage where he does unspeakable things to Reitas paperwork and OH GOD THAT WAS HILARIOUS. And the Café with Uruha. AND THE ART. And Ruki insulting Reita. Okay, it's AU. Okay, it's not really the GazettE how I imagine them, but Ruki being a hysterical mess is like watching celebrities making a fool of themselves except it's Ruki and that makes it a thousand times more fun. And Reita, Reita was beautiful. I have kinda grown to like the way the characters started out as stereotypical, but as the fic progresses, they get deeper and deeper without really changing much in personality... You know? I make it sound so shallow. It's not. Go read.
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31 December 2009 @ 05:47 pm
 Thought I'd start writing recs again. Sorry, f-lists.

It's a long one shot, and it's Aoi & Uruha.


The point is that this is one incredible amazing well-written fiction about all of the GazettE. Uruha is kind, and maybe a bit dense. Kai is cheerful. Ruki is not, not really. And Reita is one amazing friend. And then there's Aoi, who's kinda messed up, and it might kinda have something with Uruha to do. I think the ending was sorta weird, but the rest of the fiction? Reita and Aoi on Kais balcony, in Reitas apartment? Their fatigue after the live? THE SONG TALK OH GOD THE SONG TALK. Absolutely brilliant. Don't read it because it's Aoi/Uruha. Read it because it's the GazettE.
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26 December 2009 @ 11:51 pm
 To tell the truth, I have MiMiQs CD ripped as well...



I have no idea about the song names x__x, And they disbanded in 2008.

Anyway. Here's PIERROTs MYCLOUD PV, since I wanted to make a post at lm_c ~~ Don't watch if you don't like Spinders. It's .VOB, btw.

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26 December 2009 @ 10:18 pm
 Urgh, just getting this off my disk. IT'S JUST A DEMO, NOT THE FULL SONGS. I'M SORRY, I HAD NO IDEA. 



Vocal YASU
Guitar/Synth TORU
Guitar 冬馬
Drum とし

... Haven't like all of these name, spelled differently, been used on Visual artists before?


I know the file seem awful small, but it is 320kbit/s, I SWEAR.

I'm directly linking their cover picture from their OP to an illegal download of their single.

I'm going to a special hell.
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