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31 December 2009 @ 06:05 pm
A Minor Incident by [info]rhythmslip 
Reita & Ruki, ten brilliant chapters.

Okay, you know my first impression of this? Shit. Reita was just creepy in a subtle way Reita should't be creepy, and Ruki was a downright asshole.

But he was a funny downright asshole, so I kept reading.

And damn it got good. I read all chapters in a row, and then went back to read the best parts (for example, Rukis drunk rage where he does unspeakable things to Reitas paperwork and OH GOD THAT WAS HILARIOUS. And the Café with Uruha. AND THE ART. And Ruki insulting Reita. Okay, it's AU. Okay, it's not really the GazettE how I imagine them, but Ruki being a hysterical mess is like watching celebrities making a fool of themselves except it's Ruki and that makes it a thousand times more fun. And Reita, Reita was beautiful. I have kinda grown to like the way the characters started out as stereotypical, but as the fic progresses, they get deeper and deeper without really changing much in personality... You know? I make it sound so shallow. It's not. Go read.
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