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31 December 2009 @ 05:47 pm
You know what I hate about this community? Tags.  
 Thought I'd start writing recs again. Sorry, f-lists.

It's a long one shot, and it's Aoi & Uruha.


The point is that this is one incredible amazing well-written fiction about all of the GazettE. Uruha is kind, and maybe a bit dense. Kai is cheerful. Ruki is not, not really. And Reita is one amazing friend. And then there's Aoi, who's kinda messed up, and it might kinda have something with Uruha to do. I think the ending was sorta weird, but the rest of the fiction? Reita and Aoi on Kais balcony, in Reitas apartment? Their fatigue after the live? THE SONG TALK OH GOD THE SONG TALK. Absolutely brilliant. Don't read it because it's Aoi/Uruha. Read it because it's the GazettE.
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